Services for K-12

Curriculums can be scalable and flexible, therefore we have a specialized team of SMEs who build standardized, accredited and well-structured curriculums.

Building basic and interactive question types mapped to your structured curriculum which empowers your testing capabilities. We enrich questions with multimedia content such as images, audio, video, 3D objects or sketches.

Empowering schools with an assessment platform that handles the A-Z assessment flow. Manages the access rules of the teachers, distributes exams and assignments on students, reduces the workload on the grades and generates instant reports.

Transform your current assets, documents, courses and traditional tools into digital content and connect it with your overall organizational digital transformation and ecosystem.

Giving an extra hand for schools, to guide them and show them the correct way to achieve excellency in their academic path.

Our Professional Services enables you to plan for success by guiding you through all the required steps and milestones.

Solutions for K-12

Digital, Paper or Hybrid Testing

Transform the traditional assessment methodology from a mess of paper stacks to a smart paper that can be auto-graded or to a centralized system which works online/offline

Immersive Learning Tools

Bring a new dimension of learning into your classroom by using multimedia content and 3D objects. Create unique and interactive experiences to promote active learning and understand how your students engage with it

Content Enrichment

Transform your E-Contents and discover new ways of measuring knowledge and material comprehension. Unlock new potential for your digital content through the power of Embedded Assessments

Intelligent Teacher Tools

Empowering teachers with a set of tools to let them manage their assessment process with ease such as a variety of assessment types and assignments, automated graded questions and instantly generated reports

Accessibility and SEN

Providing solutions that support special education needs (SEN) and has all the accessibility tools regardless of the student’s ability or special needs. Every child’s education is equally important

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