4 Reasons Teachers Should Use GamaLearn's Assessment Platform

GamaLearn’s assessment platform is a great way to analyze students’ performance before, during, and throughout instruction. Educators and students can use assessment software to decide what steps to take to help promote their further learning. 

These assessments help identify students’ understanding, inform, and improve educators’ instructional practice and help students track their own learning. In addition, assessment tools for teachers help to save time. 

  1. Teachers can help students be more self-directed: With our online assessment platform, teachers can help students be more self-directed. It is a great way to ease the pressure on students by keeping them engaged and making sure that the lesson practices and the homework delivered are fun, accessible anywhere, targeted to enhance their weaknesses, and ensuring that learning takes place in a more conducive and less-stressed environment. 
  2. They can improve learning outcomes: Designing learning outcomes that signify something and effectively measure students’ potential and success is a big challenge. However, teachers can meet those learning outcomes with assessment platform and have strong indicators to prove this. Thus, teachers can get a 360-degree view of how good their students are as a whole. In addition, it is the right way to automate the entire process and get results in real-time.
  3. Personalized teaching: What works for one student does not work for another. Teachers have recognized it and using assessment platform to make sure that different skill levels are being evaluated. Teachers can use newer question types and media-enhanced exams to diversify and personalize teaching.
  4. Get time to keep up with the administrative work: It takes a lot of time to develop the curriculum, questions for assessment and spend time correcting and grading these assessments. GamaLearn’s assessment platform automates these processes so that they can focus on teaching.

The bottom line

GamaLearn provides the best assessment tools for teachers that provide everything you need to run your classroom efficiently.