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GamaLearn – founded in 1989 – has a mission of driving continuous innovation and niche solutions in the Education, Corporate & Government sectors. We have a comprehensive portfolio of products, solutions, SME’s, & 30+ years of strategic partnerships in the MENA region. Through that, GamaLearn has a proven track record of tried-and-true methodologies to overhaul both learning and assessment practices. GamaLearn is a strategic Microsoft partner (ISV/AEP/Co-Sell), offering our customers premium services using Cloud, AI, Mobility, IoT, and more to assist with their digital transformation journey.


We believe that it is our mission to empower students, educators, and institutions by providing modern specialized education and assessment solutions.

We believe that corporate education and evaluation are essential to prolong the life and prosperity of the company and its people

We believe that effective training and evaluation management are crucial for government agencies to benefit from their professional development strategy

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Assessment Solutions

Providing assessment solutions to test any skill for any industry whether it’s educational, training, professional or individuals.

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Questions Bank Building

Question Bank creation is not limited to creating some multiple choice or true/false questions. It’s mapping questions to outcomes and indicators that can be measured.

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Content Creation & Transformation

Transform your current assets, documents, courses, and traditional tools into digital content and connect it with your overall organizational digital transformation and ecosystem

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Curriculum Development

We have a specialized team of SMEs who build standardized curriculums based on the preferences of the client.

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Professional Services

Our Professional Services enables you to plan for success by guiding you through all the required steps and milestones.

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30+ years of continuous innovation in the region
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Our featured products

SwiftTask offers businesses flexibility, cost-effectiveness and instant access to a vast pool of skilled talent. Whether you work individually or run your own business, SwiftTask gives you the chance to expand your capacity online. Thousands of Task Providers are already working professionals like you.

SwiftAssess is a dedicated assessment cloud platform. It aims to redefine the assessment experience by bringing new dimensions to the way educators author, deliver and track their assessments on a daily basis. With an outcome-based strategy to empower and understand student progress, we enable our users to measure knowledge intake and evaluate curriculum effectiveness.

SmartZone is a platform to manage training operations in schools and institutes in a systematic manner. All related data and operations are provided to the training management. This enables you to evaluate the progress of training and obtain insightful results and statistics used in training plans.

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