SwiftAssess is a dedicated assessment cloud platform. It aims to redefine the assessment experience by bringing new dimensions to the way educators author, deliver, and track their assessments on daily bases. With an outcome-based strategy to empower and understand student progress, you can measure knowledge intake and evaluate curriculum effectiveness.

Why SwiftAssess?

Collaborative Authoring

"A solid foundation for a collaborative authoring environment"

  • Outcome-based programs.
  • 25+ Question Types (Basic, Advanced and Handwritten question types)
  • Multiple Assessment Schemes (Psychometric - Formal (Formative and Summative) - National/International Exams – LOFT - Observational Assessments

Flexible Delivery

"Our channels of delivery are geared towards continuous assessment with a consistent experience"

  • PC and Mac Devices Ready.
  • Mobile Ready (iOS, Android, Windows)
  • Printing Ready (OMR & Clipping)
  • E-Book Widgets & Ad-hoc testing
  • Microsoft PowerPoint/OneNote Add-ins

Powerful Analytics

"Real-time results made beautiful. Whether you’re evaluating your students, staff or curriculum; we got you covered all the way"

  • Exam results.
  • Course Results
  • Exam Analysis
  • Question Analysis
  • Mastery reports
  • Student Course Performance