When an organization needs to create a curriculum or a training material. A Subject matter expert (SME) is a crucial part of the team. An SME has proficiency in his or her subject and guides other professionals on the project to ensure the content is accurate Subject Matter Expert

Why Get an SME?

Subject Matter Experts come from academic, technical or vocational fields so they might be working on different types of projects and maybe a few different duties, but their role is to essentially to ensure the facts and technical details are correct.

These Experts identify the major issues in their work, provide strategic recommendations and plans for it then proceed with the execution.

A variety of projects require an SME such as:


Question Banks


Training Plans

Expertise Specialization

For K-12

Our extensive experience in custom design and development of high-quality course and curriculum content for all the grades in K-12. We build curriculums based on our expert’s research to extract successful lesson plans and learning outcomes for the students. We also build question banks based on the outcomes that have been built before.

For Higher Education

Our experts in higher education are up to date with all the learning trends that are empowering the higher education sector now. Therefore, we build and develop curriculums, courses, and lessons that are mapped to standardized criteria. Our aim in the higher education sector is to build accredited curriculums.

For Professional Education/Training

In this field, our experts’ design customized professional education courses based on the topic that is personalized for a set of employees or staff. We also create training plans and manuals which helps professional entities improve the quality of their employees.

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