Curriculum Development

Curriculums can be scalable and flexible. Therefore, we have a specialized team of SMEs who build standardized curriculums based on the preferences of the client. Whether the preference is outcome based, skill based, or training based, we can take care of your needs.

If you choose to have a curriculum with outcomes, you can measure the effectiveness of it by setting outcomes and indicators. With every outcome met, your institution gets closer to accreditation excellence.

Questions Mapping

One of the crucial points we focus on when building a questions bank is mapping the questions to their related learning outcomes. A Subject expert, who is experienced in a specific course, can identify and map the relationship between the created questions and the learning outcomes of that course.

Multiple Question Types

Questions Bank creation is not limited to creating some multiple choice and true or false questions. We always encourage the advanced type of questions that tests the examinee’s level of understanding and targets different types of bloom levels.

Questions can also be interactive with the examinee which tests the students’ creativity, thinking, and analyzation. The questions bank can be enriched with images, audio, video, 3D objects, or sketches that empowers exams and makes them more interactive. 

Integration Ready

Our technical team makes sure that all the questions that are built can be exported and integrated with all the management systems. We use the latest technologies for importing such items such as the IMS-QTI packages

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