Comprehensive Solution for Assessment and Test Delivery

The assessment for learning platforms is pivotal to growth and progress of the students by conducting assessments on different levels.

From spending time teaching students to writing lesson plans and learning objectives, from creating and grading tests and assignments, as well as attending meetings, teachers these days are up to their ears in work. Any assessment platforms can help teachers manage time and get the tasks done in a timely manner are very beneficial. The assessment for learning platforms is pivotal to growth and progress of the students by conducting assessments on different levels. They can help both students and teachers in many ways including:

  • Real time assessment authoring and delivery through applications and online quiz
  • Teachers can easily track student’s performance including who logged in, who’s keeping the pace with learning and more.
  • Students can also take online exams and check results.
  • These measure students’ skills and knowledge as they complete their general education and move to their higher education.
  • Provide opportunities for students to develop their skills and capabilities while adding it to their knowledge and understanding to create quality products and create arts.
  • Allow students to learn individually using multimedia and 3D-based assessments and activities
  • Create a variety of tests and evaluations to measure the student’s essential behaviors, attitudes and skills.
  • Support multiple curriculums structures such as the British, American, National and custom structured curriculums

GamaLearn offers some enterprise assessment solutions that help educational institutes transform their assessment life cycle. This includes authoring, delivering, grading and reporting on country-wide assessment. The educational assessment for learning software is cost-effective and used solely for student learning, performance evaluation, and measuring progress. The best solutions from GamaLearn help fulfill all your assessment needs in the organization and enable you to evaluate and measure the acquisition and learning curve of the students or professionals.

Perks of GamaLearn’s test and assessment delivery solutions:

  • Secure: Certified solution to deliver secure, encrypted computer-based exams. The papers are uploaded on the exam day, and results will be synced when the connection is established.
  • Scalable: It allows you to conduct exams on a wide range of data centers located in many remote areas without any hassle.
  • Efficient: The turnaround time to delivering assessment is significantly reduced, along with decreased human errors.

Our test delivery and assessment tracking is beneficial to any organization with test centers in remote areas. In addition, the solution works well in the areas where the internet connections are too unreliable to run exams over the web. If you are interested, contact GamaLearn and get the best assistance to manage offline/online exams with ease.