GamaLearn – founded in 1989 – has a mission of driving continuous innovation and niche solutions in the Education, Corporate & Government sectors. Through its portfolio of products, solutions, SME’s and 30+ years of strategic partnerships in the MENA region, GamaLearn has a proven track record of tried-and-true methodologies to disrupt both learning and assessment practices. GamaLearn is a strategic Microsoft partner (ISV/AEP/Co-Sell), offering our customers a premium service using Cloud, AI, Mobility, IoT, and more to assist with their digital transformation journey. About Us Company Profile

Our Vision

GamaLearn was built with the vision of driving innovation into both the Educational & Training industries, using cutting-edge solutions in order to transform and renovate the traditional methodologies; hence giving a crystal clear vision on the career path, qualifications & certifications, accreditation standards, and continuous development with ongoing feedback.

Our Mission

We want to empower everyone in the educational and training industry with the right tools, platforms and resources to be the most productive and achieve excellence in all desired levels in their organization or institution.

Why Choose Us?

A proven track record

GamaLearn, known as one of the largest e-learning and e-training solutions providers in the Middle East. We provide solutions for the challenges we observe and face in the educational layer in the region.

Committed to quality

We guarantee the quality of our solutions and products by putting them in a tough quality control phase. We also test our new features or solutions and subject them in multiple scenarios and report the feedback and results. The outcome of this procedure is to increase the trust of our clients in our services and solutions.


Our clients praise the way we deal with each one of them by providing them with a continuous support for the services and solutions. We provide flexible customization for our clients based on their request to ensure that we deliver the absolute best service. Client satisfaction is a crucial objective that we always aim to provide to our clients

Clients and Partners

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