Benefits of Digital Assessment Software for K-12 Education


With the pandemic dramatically changing the landscape for education, many educators are grappling with creating authentic assessments that meet the requirements of all students. Therefore, many educational institutes are switching to virtual classes throughout the year. GamaLearn in K-12 education empowers students and teachers with its versatile feature to pave the path to success.

  • Virtual assessments: instead of depending on the paper document, use digital modes of assessment. It will help students to easily adapt to online settings and also ensures authenticity.

  • Digital or hybrid testing: you can change the traditional assessment methodology and avoid the mess of stacks of papers. The benefit of smart paper is that it can be auto-graded or sent to a centralized hub that works online and offline.

  • Immersive learning tools: you can add a new learning dimension into your classroom by using multimedia content and 3D objects. In addition, you can create unique and interactive sessions to enhance active learning and understand your students’ engagement level.

  • Content enrichment: you can transform your e-content and discover new ways of measuring knowledge and material comprehension. Also, you are empowered to unlock new potential for your digital content through the power of embedded assessment.

GamaLearn in K-12 education empowers teachers and students with a set of tools and allows them to manage their learning and assessment process easily.