Benefits of Using GamaLearn's Exam Assessment Platform

There is no doubt that technology is transforming the educational sector. Teaching and assessing students is no longer restricted to the four corners of the walls. With exam assessment platform, it can happen anytime and anywhere with the help of computers and an internet connection. Therefore, many educational institutions are gradually transitioning from traditional methods to technological solutions. GamaLearn provides the best assessment software that can change the way you are doing assessments. 

What GamaLearn’s assessment platform can offer you?

1.A great option for distance learning: colleges have rampant opportunities to have their systems online. Assessment platform provides great opportunities for evaluating student’s performance. Assessment platform can define exams with multiple schedules and multiple time zones, so students across geographical boundaries can take up exams the way they want. All this can be sorted at 24*7 availability, where the students can attend exams at their own convenience. 

2. Develop student’s interest: students these days are tech-savvy. They generally don’t prefer traditional pen-paper exams and a conventional classroom environment. GamaLearn’s assessment platform provides students with a live virtual classroom environment and a satisfying online exam experience. Students are assessed in interesting formats, including quizzes, questionnaires, surveys, objective types, long papers, MCQs, etc. With the wide variety of questions on a single subject, the students can concentrate better on topics they need improvement in through practice and preparation. 

3. Robust security: GamaLearn’s exam assessment platform offers robust security. It maintains the confidentiality of the exam, so there is no space for malpractices. All the questions are formed from the database, similar to the safety locker accessed by authorized personnel. Along with that, question paper gets stored in an encrypted format, so there are no chances for question paper leakage. 

4. Quick evaluation for faster results: it is one of the prime reasons why educators and students choose online assessment software. They don’t have to wait for ages for their results as the complete process is automated. Results are delivered at the touch of the screen, which significantly alleviates the faculty and admin’s workload. In addition, online assessment gives better data for better decisions.

5. Detailed reports to identify gaps: GamaLearn’s online assessment platform fetches detailed reports on different parameters, giving greater insights into the student’s progress. The real-time reports obtained could even help the institution’s accreditation process. Due to accurate insights and the computing power of assessment management platform, analysis of results becomes easier. There is more accurate than the reports churned out manually. 

The bottom line 

Online exam assessment platform is ab unavoidable part of today’s educational system. However, to stay with the times, one has to be aligned with evolving technologies and the demands of the globalized world. Use GamaLearn’s assessment solution to leverage technology and streamline the exam process.