Digital Exams Assessment Platform for Remote Examinations

The exams assessment platform by GamaLearn helps kickstart a new era of virtual education driven by technology to help students and teachers overcome several barriers. The advancement in technology and the arrival of the pandemic have made the entire world discover the perks of online teaching. In addition, assessments are a vital component of any learning module; so many educational institutions have made a huge shift to online examinations to evaluate students remotely. Online exam platforms have been there for a decade now, helping many institutes conduct assessments online. In addition, they make the examiner’s job easier as evaluation and result generation are all automated.

Digital assessment platforms are designed to conduct and manage various expects of virtual assessments. They allow educational institutions to help plan, conduct, invigilate and evaluate online assessments using software and proctoring technologies. They can do much more than just conduct digital exams and evaluate students’ performance through automated results. Examining bodies can even define examination patterns, add different sections for different question types, allot timings, enable AI proctoring, generate accurate& fair results, and much more. They are the most scalable and cost-effective way to enable institutions to reach out to more students by overcoming geographic boundaries. Here are the most compelling reasons for using exam assessment platforms:

Greater security
We’ve ensured that your assessments are delivered safely, securely, and with no compromise on quality on both Windows and Mac desktops. We support academic integrity and, through our secure assessments, empower you to produce high-quality results.

Quick results and ranking
Our advanced platform helps deliver automated assessment results instantly and publish them for students. Further, it provides detailed analysis for results and helps teachers simplify the process of shortlisting and decision making.

Reduced cost and time
In the traditional examination setting, examining bodies need to set question papers, arrange multiple centers for exams and then assessments, hiring of support staff and invigilators. In addition, scores from multiple subject teachers need to be collected upon assessments to create report cards with average scores and rankings. All of this can be done using exam management software in minutes and at very nominal costs.

Remote proctoring
The use of remote proctoring tools is greatly helpful in tracking the behavior and activities of students. From detecting malpractices to pausing exams midway while notifying authorities, it is far easier with GamaLearn.

Similar to offline examinations, the exam assessment platform by GamaLearn helps students to request a reassessment. In addition, it allows teachers to make formative, summative, and all other types of assessments while evaluating practical skills, measuring cognitive abilities, and performing compliance testing. Connect with us to make the best out of your assessment needs.