Proposed Contingency Planning and Solutions for Remote & Online Assessments

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As your institutions have started preparing contingency plans in the event that courses, academic, and administrative functions are disrupted by COVID-19 or coronavirus, GamaLearn has been also preparing. To help you think through your own plans and readiness activities in response to the coronavirus, we are proactively providing you with information to help.

We have dedicated additional resources from our engineering and development operations teams to this situation and will continue to evaluate the best options available given this evolving situation.

Through our partnership with clients in affected regions and beyond, we are continuously improving our own processes and readiness. Our cloud-based technologies, including SwiftAssess, allow us to scale in times of heavy usage to the maximum extent possible. We are working with our technology and hosting partners and internal engineering teams to make sure we have solid plans in place for continuity of service.

Creating these plans requires collaboration and discussion. You can play an important role in our planning by working with your account and support teams to discuss your current usage, monitor changes in behavior over time, and communicate what potential pedagogical changes you plan to roll out in response to the coronavirus.

As you are thinking about how to take your assessments remotely & online, here are some solutions that we put together you can leverage in your planning:  

SwiftAssess is a cloud-based, outcome-based assessment management platform. That means, if you need to run your exams online without having to be at school or on-campus, you can do that with ease. Additionally, SwiftAssess is hosted on Microsoft Azure, a robust, powerful, and scalable cloud platform that is available all over the world, giving you the reassurance of high availability during peak times for exams, as well as minimum latency due to our advanced caching technology and hosting options it in-country or in-region. SwiftAssess is also highlighted as a Microsoft Preferred Cloud solution

The SwiftAssess AI-Cyber Proctor solution helps institutions guarantee test session integrity on a wide/national scale, capturing different cheating events, highlighting session issues, providing forensics dashboards, and more. In the light of recent events and the switch from on-school to home-based learning and remote assessments, this becomes a core requirement for this strategy and a catalyst for enabling instead of disrupting the ongoing learning process.

Our SwiftAssess App For Microsoft Teams is fully integrated with the institutions’ systems which allow all teachers to include Assessment activities as critical components to their learning activities and distance learning setup.

This App integration enables the following interactions:

  • Teachers can access, select, and pinning different assessment activities (exams, practice tests, surveys & assessments)
  • Students can access tabs containing the assessment activities and take them seamlessly from within Teams
  • Teachers/Students can access results for a specific assessment activity
  • Teachers can access grading for a specific assessment activity which works together with our Window 10 app for quick launch and productive one-click scenarios to jump right into grading

Exclusive Offer for Teachers & Instructors

For up to 90 days, you can enjoy a Free Trial to run your classroom online assessments for your students on SwiftAssess.
* Registration should happen with your official institutional email address for approval purposes

Our GradeMate app is available for Windows and iOS for FREE and you can download it and start using it right away to perform e-Marking with a lot of great tools and capabilities, without having to be on-campus to perform this activity – and the added benefit of doing it completely offline.

GamaLearn Academy provides online virtual training and learning for our different platforms and solutions, which could be done from anywhere, any place and any device – without requiring face-2-face interactions specially that most institutions and gatherings are advised to be at a minimum level. The Academy aims to provide alternative tracks of training courses between Essentials, Advanced and Specialized as it covers different product modules and solutions with different depths and difficulty levels.

Any Browser, Any Device provides the convenience and flexibility of delivering your assessments to your students wherever they are, whatever device they choose to use – which means testing from home has never been easier, while maintaining a unified experience across your test sessions. This means we support Mac, Windows, Chromebooks, iOS and Android. Oh and by the way, all Apps are completely free to download and use (as long as you have a SwiftAssess account, even if a free trial)!