GamaLearn digital solutions for Higher Education

With the advancement in technology, education underwent a revolution in terms of content, approach, and teaching methodologies. Modern technologies and software not only reshaped the concept of imparting education but also added a new dimension to it. This new dimension went beyond the physical classrooms and traditional teaching methodologies. GamaLearn in higher education is a software that provides teachers and students with a great learning environment with advanced features. The software provides various features, including:

  1. Digital, paper or hybrid testing: GamaLearn empowers students and teachers with different types of assessments, including online/offline or smart paper exams, which reduce the workload on the professor. They can easily run digital, paper, or hybrid testing to generate final reports quickly.
  2. Accreditation and compliance: the software helps institutes strengthen their academic programs and letting them achieve accreditation by following the required steps for the standard programs.
  3. Admission testing:  GamaLearn provides admission testing for students and helps determine their skills. It is an additional option of admission testing by offering cognitive services that are that allow students to take admission test anywhere with the highest security standards. 
  4. Distance learning: the software helps to facilitate the concept of distance learning for educational institutions. It offers all the learning and testing solutions that give liberty to learners to access content anytime and anywhere. 
  5. Course evaluation: with GamaLearn software, you can collect feedback from your students by offering online course evaluations that can be filled and submitted anytime.  

GamaLearn in higher education is empowering students and professors and giving schools an extra hand to guide them into achieving excellence in their educational path.