GamaLearn in Higher Education - Engaging Students with Interactive Experiences

Digital assessment software plays a vital role in students’ growth as they support life-long learning and non-traditional learning paths. GamaLearn provides modern assessment experiences through higher education assessment tools that help boost student engagement, leverage smart reporting and enter new market trends. The digital assessment software allows teachers to evaluate students’ performance across all disciplines to maximize faculty teaching time, minimize administrative work and elaborate student’s achievement on course by course basis. 

GamaLearn’s higher education assessment tools provide:

  1. Seamless integration with other tools
  2. Distance learning and assessment capabilities
  3. Content collaboration assistance
  4. Minimized administrative work

How is online assessment software advantageous for higher-ed?

Save time and money

Traditional methods of tests and assignments involve manual checking and evaluation. The availability of the online assessment software saves time and money while eliminating the need to write on paper and create results manually. Both teachers and students get benefits from this.

Easy to use and implement

The online assessment software doesn’t require learning or professional skills to use them. Using them once can give all the details about the software and the step-by-step guide to using it. The software work on its own, and teachers get free from the burden of checking hundreds of assignments, grading and providing comments.

Promote further learning

The software allows both students and teachers to assess the actions to promote further learning. This further opens doors for enhanced learning and growth of students.

Undoubtedly, the higher education assessment tools provide a modern digital assessment experience and help eliminate teachers’ administrative burden. Connect with SwiftAssess to get this online assessment tool for your institution to promote learning and growth.