GamaLearn powerful & efficient features for Online Exams

 GamaLearn is an online exam platform that changes the traditional way exams were conducted, formalized, and controlled. In our online exam solution, everything is automated, from managing administrative tasks to on-job evaluationIn addition, our advanced technologies are no longer confined to optimizing educational content and curriculum design; you can also shift to administering assessments online.

Why choose GamaLearn for conducting online exams?

  1. Create secure online exams
  2. Single platform for all exams, tests, and quizzes
  3. Mitigating the chance of cheating 
  4. Address misunderstood concepts immediately with automatic grading
  5. No need to spend time calculating and grading manually
  6. Online exam platform to easily export results to your existing LMS
  7. Easily accessible on phones, tablets, and laptops
  8. Simplified online exam creation 

With GamaLearn’s online exam solution, you only need one platform to create everything from midterm and final exams to short quizzes, surveys, questionnaires, and polls during lectures for formative assessment. Once an exam is administered, the turnaround time to reporting results can be quick. GamaLearn is efficient for

  1. K-12 education
  2. Higher education
  3. Vocational

Benefits of using GamaLearn for online exams

  1. A great option for distance learning:  the recent future is about the shift in the academic calendar with postponed exam dates. Institutions are clueless about this sudden hit of the global pandemic. However, GamaLearn’s online assessment tool can be a savior to counter situations where students’ progress could be constantly assessed and tracked even in such downtimes.   
  2. Hassle-free assessment: with our online exam system, there comes hassle-free exam preparation. You don’t have to spend time in activities, including manual question paper creation, printing, allocating the task to faculty, and managing records of students attending exams. It comes with multiple features to easily create and conduct exams in just a few clicks. 

The bottom line

Use GamaLearn’s online exam platform for on-job evaluation, corporate training, and conducting secure online exams in schools.