GamLearn Assessment solutions for K-12

The modern school environment blends traditional face-to-face experiences with cutting-edge digital spaces for teaching and learning. One of the biggest decisions for educators is that of educational and assessment software. While many platforms are available, it is crucial to understand what each platform provides and how well it suits the primary schooling environment. GamaLearn in K-12 helps schools build a more secure and productive learning environment while helping teachers and administrators decrease workload and save time. Here are the different services K-12 education software can provide:

  1. Curriculum development: curriculums can be flexible and scalable. If you decide to have a curriculum with outcomes, you can measure the effectiveness by defining outcomes and indicators. With every outcome met, your organization gets closer to accreditation excellence.
Curriculum development
  1. Question banks: educational software builds basic and interactive question types synched to your structured curriculum to enhance your testing capabilities. You can get questions enriched with multimedia content such as audio, images, video, 3D objects or sketches. The question bank is not limited to creating some multiple-choice questions. There is also an advanced type of question that tests the examinee’s level of understanding and targets different bloom levels.
Question banks

Standardized assessment: you can handle complete assessment flow with assessment software. It makes it easy to access the rules of teachers, distribute exams and assignments to students, reduce the workload on the teachers, and create instant reports. In addition, by using an assessment solution, your assessment can only be accessed by your selected group of examinees or through IP filtering to enhance security.

Standardized assessment

Get valuable insights to work smarter: assessment software provides teachers with a user-friendly digital platform that makes exam creation, exam supervision, and data analysis easier than ever. This way, teachers can work smarter, not harder. The superior assessment solution eliminates concerns over student cheating, printing cost, grading time, and more.

Content creation and transformation: content creation is the contribution of information/media and committing it digitally for an end-user/audience in specific contexts. A good example of the capabilities of assessment software for education, when it comes to content creation, is the E-content for training courses that an instructor or self-learned can teach. It can help you use your content and make it useful for your educational environment.

Content creation

The bottom line

For educators, students, and administrators, remote education is something new, which can be pretty challenging. But just because remote education is the brand-new way of doing things doesn’t mean you have to compromise with the quality of students’ education. Remote education may introduce some significant challenges, but the GamaLearn in K-12 can overcome those challenges and ensure that students are on track to meeting their educational goals.