High-End Assessment Platform for Education and Professional Advancement

The future of student admissions for various courses is evolving, as administrative and examining bodies are shifting towards digital assessment platforms for admissions. This shift has been started a long time ago but accelerated by the Covid-19 outbreak which forced everyone to work digitally and reassess how we conduct business. Educational institution’s shift to e-learning and online examinations reinforces the need of new assessment methods that embrace this new way of working. Digital assessment solutions offer a wide range of benefits as they are the effective and efficient way to make a fair assessment ensuring right decisions and declaring correct results.

Engage students with a comprehensive digital experience

GamaLearn provides world-class higher educational assessment platform to improve planning, student engagement, subject learning and retention with real-time analytics available on any device. The modern assessment practices using the right platform is the key to stimulating student engagement, entering new arenas and leveraging smart reporting. However, lack of flexibility and integrations hinder this potential. That’s why GamaLearn’s educational assessment platform comes with the following:

  1. Seamless integrations with all types of tools

  2. Distance learning capabilities

  3. Remote proctoring facilities

  4. Content collaboration support

  5. Minimized administrative work

GamaLearn provides revolutionary solutions that allow you to assess students across all subjects at all levels. It also helps maximize faculty teaching time by reducing the overload of checking, marking and providing comments on every single exam sheets. In addition, it allows proving student achievement on course-by-course basis and minimizing administrative work.

Why do higher ed institutions choose GamaLearn?

GamaLearn has a mission of driving continuous innovation and niche solutions in the Education, Corporate & Government sectors. It has a proven track record of tried-and-true methodologies to overhaul both learning and assessment practices. In addition, it is a strategic Microsoft partner, offering our customers premium services using Cloud, AI, Mobility, IoT, and more to assist with their digital transformation journey.

Assessment solutions

GamaLearn delivers high-quality assessment solutions to test any skill for any industry whether it’s educational, training, and professional or individuals.

Question bank building

These high-end solutions allow teachers to create question banks that are not only limited to creating multiple choice questions and true/false. Rather it allows administrators to create all type of text and multimedia questions and help mapping questions to outcomes and indicators that can be measured.

Content creation & transformation

It also allow organizations to transform your current assets, documents, courses, and traditional tools into digital content and connect it with your overall organizational digital transformation and ecosystem.

Curriculum development

We have a specialized team of SMEs who build standardized curriculums based on the preferences of the client. You can use top-rated digital solutions from GamaLearn to create curriculum as per the requirements of your institute.

GamaLearn enable educational institutions to plan for success by guiding you through all the required steps and milestones. If your goal is enhanced student learning and achieving the best outcomes then rely on the best educational assessment platform from GamaLearn.