How Digital Assessment Help You Transform Your Assessment Startegy ?

The quick switch to digital assessments, exams and digital assessment platforms is indeed a real experience for teachers and administrative bodies compelling everyone to rethink how to best measure student’s knowledge and create course design in the future. Evolving students to perform and test digitally provides a wide range of benefits for both teachers and students. The digital assessment platform for higher education enables teachers to perform coaching and testing on students. It allows them to check student’s performance in courses and analyze their weaknesses and improvements.

With the introduction of digitalization in classrooms and evaluation process, the teachers can easily transform traditional evaluations to fully interactive, mobile and automated experiences. They can easily manage entire evaluation and track it seamlessly with minimal clicks and automated actions. In addition, teachers can also focus on the student’s skills, competencies and expected outcomes of each lesson given to students which can be measured and improved without any hassle. There are a wide range of benefits of using digital assessment platform for education including:

Whether you are a school teacher, college professor, private tutor or a trainer, we help you make the best out of your assessment needs:

Build & Manage Curriculum

Teachers can seamlessly add the courses and map expected learning lessons and activities to track student’s skills and mastery levels.

Build Question Banks

The platform allows examining bodies to create all type of questions including text & multimedia and map them to learning outcomes. These can be enriched with multimedia as well as link rubrics in case of essay types.

Create and Delivery Tests

With assessment platforms performing multiple test configurations and shuffling options, with different delivery options for students both on web and mobile are easier than ever.

Create and Deliver Assignments

The assessment platform allows teachers to control different submissions settings, link to grading rubric, and expected learning outcomes. This reduces the burden and help teachers to perform tasks faster.

Grade on Web or Mobile

Now teachers can grade their student’s work anytime, anywhere. Whether its assignments, tests or both, use rubrics and provide constructive feedback to your students.

View Reports & Unlock Insights

Last but not the least, with assessment platform for higher education, teaches can get multiple pre-packaged reports showing test & assignment results with student’s performance. Also they can track skills & mastery levels of students for future references.

GamaLearn’s Assessment platform for Higher Education

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