How the Higher Education Assessment Platform Helps Reduce Examination Stress?

No matter what way you look at, exams always involve some sort of stress. Being formally tested on any subject at any level induces a level of pressure on examinees. In many cases the fear is primarily related to the content of the test, performance, and the outcomes. With the introduction of digital examinations for higher education, the way exams are conducted changed. This change led to reduced stress and enhanced performance.

Here are a few benefits of using a digital assessment platform for examinees:

• Eliminating the need to write for long periods

• Taking the test when the candidate is ready

• Familiar and comfortable surroundings

• Reducing the time of travelling or relocating to test centers

• Fast results

Benefits for teachers and examining bodies:

• No need to manually check copies and write individual comments

• Reduced burden of exam creation and assessment delivery

• Eliminating the need of setting up test centers

• No human proctoring or invigilation

• Stores all your components that you can assess later

• Generates automated reports

• Helps create a variety of tests and evaluations for measuring students’ essential behaviors, attitudes, and skills.

• Assess and evaluate students from early stages using standard tests such as ASQ3 & hand-holding.

• Supports multiple curriculum structures such as the British, American, National, and custom structured curriculum.

GamaLearn offers a revolutionary higher education assessment platform that offers the ability to track and evaluate student’s performance for enhanced learning.