Make a Huge Shift to Modern Digital Learning Content Development

In the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak, it has become evident that learning cannot be restricted to a classroom environment. Administrators need to grow and reach a bigger milestone even if they work remotely and adjust to a new normal. It is the reason organizations has started using eLearning content developmentGamaLearn provides the most effective and engaging medium to teach and train employees. Our digital solution has long been a training tool for the corporate and education sectors because of its scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness.

What to consider during eLearning Content Development with GamaLearn

To develop interactive, engaging, and learner-oriented training programs for employees, you need to consider the following factors:

1. Set clear goals: to make sure your learning content is really going to resonate, the very first measure of your eLearning content development process has to be defining clear objectives. For instance, is the course going to deliver compliance training to the employees or train them on some new up-gradation in their software. Once the learning goals are finalized, it is easy to create relevant content.

2.Create a design vision: once you have defined clear goals, the next step of a great content development process is how to meet these goals. Think about what types of activities, tools, and tips are most likely to work for your audience and goals. Once you have got the concept down, then prototype. It is a crucial step in the content development process as it gives your stakeholders and end-users something solid to play around with.

3. Develop your content: during this phase, be careful of those detailed documents and long PowerPoint presentations that your subject matter experts may hand you over. Don’t let your interesting research-based design die with the introduction of boring content. Utilize your design model as the template and your SME to feed into the learning experiences you are preparing out to create. The best method for building out your eLearning content is:

  1. Define your overall styling
  2. Define any element that will be replicated and re-used. For instance, topic structures, menus and pages that you will re-use.
  3. Create one topic first-get feedback from stakeholders and make changes
  4. Create other topics in parallel-checking in on feedback as they are completed and making changes.

4. Analyze and iterate: as a part of your eLearning content development process, you must make room for checking its performance, collecting feedback, and making improvements. It is crucial to make sure that your eLearning content is engaging and working for learners.

The bottom line

eLearning content development courses need to be a thoughtful and strategic process. GamaLearn’s digital solutions will help you identify the target audience and understand the learning objectives using different content formats.