SwiftAssess is a dedicated assessment cloud platform. It aims to redefine the assessment experience by bringing new dimensions to the way educators author, deliver, and track their assessments on daily bases. With an outcome-based strategy to empower and understand student progress, you can measure knowledge intake and evaluate curriculum effectiveness.

  • Markets:
  • SwiftAssess for Education (P-12/Higher Education)
  • SwiftAssess for Training (Corporate/institution)
  • SwiftAssess for Test Centers

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GamaLearn also provides other products and solutions that aim to solve other challenges in both the educational and training industries. 


SwiftTask offers businesses flexibility, cost-effectiveness and instant access to a vast pool of skilled talent.

  • Define and post your task, start receiving proposals in hours.
  • Review offers, pick the best candidate.
  • Get quality work and satisfying results. 


The aim of using SmartZone is to manage the training operations in schools and institutes in a systematic manner and to link them fully with the Training management.

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