Shift to the Era of Hybrid Learning and Assessments with GamaLearn

Assessment tools are the techniques or learning methods teachers use to measure student’s academic or practical abilities, skills and make informed decisions. They help teachers to ensure student success and determine if any learning interventions are required toward academic proficiency. A teacher uses two types of assessments to analyze students’ abilities in specific subject areas. These are formal and informal assessments. The former is objective measurements of a student’s skills, abilities, and fluency using diagnosis, evaluation, or progress monitoring. The latter are often inferences a teacher draws to analyze the unsystematic observations of a student’s performance in the subject matter.

Formal assessments involve research and are evidence-based. There are many assessment platforms for teachers to make informed decisions regarding strategies to improve student learning.

Adopt an innovative approach to assessment

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Assessments are more critical than grades

During learning, teachers have to evaluate students for various aspects. Of course, grades and reporting are a crucial element of evaluating students on behalf of education and specific subject matter, but assessing students’ cognitive, creative abilities, and other skills outweigh the traditional way of assessment that involves grading and marking only.

Digital assessment platforms allow teachers to interact with learners personally and gather knowledge about students’ learning. In addition, the advanced technology offers enhanced experience and greater flexibility to both students and teachers on how they deliver K-12 or higher education assessments.