What Benefits can GamaLearn's Corporate Solution Bring to Your Organization?

Every business, team, and individual requires new learning experiences and feedback to improve and minimize business risk. To give actionable feedback, you need to assess their strengths and weaknesses to identify growth opportunities. In addition, when employees learn new skills and take on new responsibilities, it is crucial to ensure that they will be successful by assessing their knowledge. GamaLearn in corporate and enterprise is an innovative solution to ensure the corporate learning, assessment of employees, longevity, and prosperity of the organization and its employees.

1. Evaluate an employee’s ability: digital assessment gives an organization greater visibility into how effective their training material is. GamaLearn provides full visibility into results and helps trainers continuously improve employees’ retention and the effectiveness of their training programs. Our digital solution allows organizations to fine-tune their training plans and design effective coaching and mentoring techniques based on continuous metrics and assessments.

2. Enhance employees’ performance and confidence: digital assessment help strengthen a learner’s confidence and abilities while promoting self-reflection. It is an employee-oriented assessment approach that gives them the ability to fully understand new concepts and retain new knowledge. Once the training and assessments are completed, employees will better understand new training plans and training material, allowing them to perform better and with greater confidence.

3. Cost-effective for employers: moving to digital assessment can be very cost-effective for employers. As tests and assessments are usually submitted to an LMS, the time spend marking is actually gone. With GamaLearn’s assessment solution, employers can easily track the effectiveness of employee learning programs and ensure that active assessments are aligned with your company’s objective. It allows organizations to reduce the amount of time and money spent on trainers.

By using GamaLearn in the corporate sector, you can:

• Present company assessment reports accurately using comprehensive assessment and in-depth feedbacksEnsure constant delivery according to your system and policies

• Combine different responses with expertise in multiple areas to give a balanced report

Flexible assessment production and management

• GamaLearn’s assessment solution makes it easy to add and change assessments

• Get unlimited questions per assignment

• Make evaluations fully interactive with automated experiences with multiple ways to capture performance indicators

Fully managed responses

• Our assessment platform is fully optimized for all platforms-mobile, desktop, or tablets

• Response entry through a fully marked interface

• User input can include images, video, or any other type of file

Automated feedback report generation

• Feedback is dependent on the assessment answers and scoring set up by the manager

• Multiple graphic options enhance the presentation

• The report can automatically be emailed to the respondent as a PDF

The bottom line

GamaLearn in corporate and enterprise provides a great way to promote corporate learning, on-job evaluations, bespoke assessment solutions, and help enterprises pave the path for success.